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My phone used to be full of voice reminders and now it’s completely clear because I use Siri to make tasks with Text and send to Office Otter! I love how many ways i can interact with it... it’s like I can speak multiple languages to my tasks.
I call Office Otter my memory saver! On Sunday night, I got an influx of tasks in Slack, and when I remembered that I had Office Otter, I squealed! It's honestly crazy that it doesn't already exist. It's so easy and intuitive.
From even the first week of using Office Otter, I started loving it. I even shared with my manager after 3 days of using it, and I shared how great it was that you can sort by urgencies.
I keep Office Otter open on my desktop all day. I like the customizations I can do with checklists and notes, and I freaking love due dates. Plus, the daily summaries are so helpful because there are things that I do forget about! Thank you, Office Otter!
Can't remember the last time I ended my day at 5 and felt comfortable knowing that I didn't miss a beat since Covid hit! I'm feeling more calm and managed than ever, and it's even changed my mindset on getting things done. Thank you Office Otter!
With Office Otter, there’s a lot more flexibility than Todoist. As a Founder, tasks can come from anywhere: emails, calls, meetings, Slack, etc. so what I love the most about Office Otte is that it’s very easy to get everything into one place. Office Otter is my net that can catch everything so that I don’t have to worry about it later.

tasks can come from anywhere these days.
turn emails and slack messages into tasks, reminders, and daily summaries with one click.

not all tasks are equal.
customize how tasks are sorted and prioritized to match the way that you work.

get daily or weekly summaries on outstanding tasks.

never forget about what you did this week again! access reports to show all you've completed.

All your to-do's in one place.